This Poor Neglected, Abandoned, 11 Year Old Website

It’s hard to believe that the WordPress version of is over 10 years old now. It’s true, I have been blogging here since good old 2006 although I haven’t really done anything here in the last few years.

I am not sure what the future has in store for the future of this website. I will be leaving it in its current state as an archive  in the mean time. 

Jetpack 1.7 Custom CSS = Awesome+++

Wow. This is awesome.

wordpress-jetpack-pluginAutomattic, creators of WordPress and their ultra cool Jetpack plugin, have added custom CSS to the already extensive array of features. The reason why this is such a big deal to me is because this make customizing your current theme really easy.

Back in the day if you wanted to change the hyperlink color of your site or make the font larger you would have edit the theme files. Then, when there was an update to the theme, you would need to decide whether you wanted the new features or keep your customizations.

With the 3.x releases Child themes were enabled so that you could make these customizations a little easier. The issue with child themes was that they were overkill for simple edits. The other issue with child themes is that they could get a little complicated if the parent theme wasn’t really setup for children.

Do I Hear Responsiveness?

responsive-web-designThe other cool thing about being to edit the CSS without building a child theme is making your currently theme “responsive”. Being responsive means that your website changes to accommodate your current screen size whether it is a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Responsive themes are all the rage right now so this is definitely something that can help.

I like the different features that Jetpack offers but the addition of custom CSS is the best feature so far.

Thanks Jetpack Devs!

The Easy Way to Integrate WordPress and bbPress

I had tried messing around with bbPress way back when and it wasn’t the easiest animal to tame. Recently though bbPress has graduated to version 1.0 and is much easier to tame. Especially usefully is it’s built-in integration with WordPress.

I have to admit that my first attempt at getting bbPress and WordPress playing together did not go well. I was trying to get cookie integration working and it wouldn’t. I tried 3 different sets of instructions and the third set work. Here is a link to those instructions.

Integrate bbPress 1.0 with WordPress 2.8

Once I completed his simple steps cookies were working and I could login in either WordPress or bbPress and be logged into the other one. It is really nice to have two pieces of software that work so well together.

Next I am learning the templating for bbPress. I here it is not too different then the one for WordPress. Let’s hope it is as easy!

Playing with Faces and Places in iPhoto 09′

iphoto-09-icon I was very happy to have received my $10 copy of iLife in the mail yesterday from Apple. I purchased my new MacBook a few weeks back and that allowed me to upgrade to the new version for a mere $10. If you have purchased a Mac in the last month or so be sure to get your copy, it is worth it.

I installed iLife 09′ last night and got a chance to play with the new Faces and Places features in iPhoto. We have roughly 20GBs of photos which comes out to about 10,000 photos (and my oldest son is only 5 years old!). I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the results of both of these new features.

Faces in iPhoto 09’

When opening iPhoto 09′ for the first time I was informed that my iPhoto library needed to be upgraded. After clicking OK the upgrade proceeded and was finished in about 30 seconds. From there the faces scanner kicked in and informed me that it was going to scan my pictures in order to identify faces. The initial estimate for this process was around 300 minutes but actually took around an hour.

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The Evernote as a Blogging Tool Post Got Twittered

evernote It seems that my post about using Evernote as a tool for blogging has caused a little stir in the Evernote community. Yesterday I started getting emails from folks saying that using Everynote on the spot to take notes for blog posts later was a cool idea. They also mentioned that my comments section was broken which I finally fixed. Anyway, traffic is way up today for idano and the majority of traffic is coming from this Twitter –

#EvernoteTip – Blogging – Capture your ideas and inspirations into Evernote as they occur, then blog when you want:


Evernote also mentioned my post in their Evernote update email that went out last night:

Cool ways to use Evernote – Evernote for BMX riders: – Evernote for knitting: – Evernote for recipes: – Evernote for blogging:

I am really happy to see a company like Evernote keeping there fingers on the pulse about what people are saying in regard to their products.

A Quick Note to Comment Posters

I have received several emails telling me that comments are not working properly here at I apologize for this as it is not intentional. It seems that the theme that I am using has issues if you require folks to login in order to post a comment.

I will try to fix it as soon as I can.

Finally! A Better Looking Theme Here at

I had really trashed the other theme that was here previously but know we have something that is a little better looking.

This is the WP Premium theme from by WP Remix.

I have made a couple of modifications to it to fir this site but the underlying theme is still intact. I will probably look to change the color from red to blue down the road but the red color scheme is much better then what was here before.

Anyway, I have gone through it and everything seems to work correctly. If you find anything that doesn’t please drop me a line.

Behind the Scenes Progress Happening in the Network

I have been working on things – I promise. I will admit though that it has been slow going though, a WHOLE lot slower then I anticipated. This network is a monster and things have changed since I drifted from being a daily blog poster to a monthly one.

idano-magazine-theme-wireframeCurrently I am working on a new custom theme for this site. I really do not know what medication I was on when I put this theme up here but I wish I had more. This is probably one of the worst theme I have ever put on any of my sites. To be fair this theme is of my own creation since the original theme was quite lovely. I just like the color blue for this site but it not quite working in it’s current rendition.

In the works is a Magazine styled theme that I will be developing and releasing several versions of. The main reason that I am going with a magazine styled theme is that their are certain posts/products that I want to highlight and a traditional blog layout just doesn’t cut it. The theme has a "Featured" section at the top and will show the last 3-5 featured posts. Under that the other posts will be aggregated in 2 columns. For this site/blog the posts from this blog will be in the "Featured" section and the the posts from the rest of the network will be below that in the two columns. You can see the wire frame of the theme to the right.

I have all of the pieces done, I just need to site down and put them all together. I probably will get them working on a couple of my sites first before I package them for the masses. Also, I am going to offer a free basic version for free and then offer a couple of premium version that will be for sale. I am going to price them pretty low since I actually want to sell them (some people charge too much IMO).

Anyway, I am still alive and kicking. Work is work though and takes time.

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