Better Adsense Results with Ontok Highlighter

As I mention in this post – The Adsense Cleansing is Complete – I removed all of the Adsense from the template of my blog because it was ugly and really intrusive. Also I really was not making an money on it.

Well the same day that I removed the Adsense I came across Ontok Highlighter which scans you page the same way that Adsense does but then makes a hyperlink out of any keywords that it finds. Then when some either hovers or clicks the link it opens a layered window (not a pop-up) that displays a couple of Adsense ads and relevant Google search results for the keyword.

I totally like this approach because it is non-intrusive to people and if people are interested in the keyword they will click on it.

Not only does it look better, I get a better click through rate also. I am now making almost double in Adsense then I was before I started using the Ontok Highlighter.

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