Apogee Pay Per Click Campaign Services

I have mentioned this company before and their SEO services but that is only a small piece of the pie that they offer. They also manage Pay Per click Campaigns too.

The company name is Apogee and they are located right here in Austin, TX (along with me 🙂 ).

As you know I only reference sites that I would do business with and Apogee is one of those companies. I read their white paper about PPP campaigns and actually learned a thing or two. The main thing that I learned is that the approach marketing campaigns a little different then most companies.

See most companies will start you on an SEO campaign for several different keywords and phrases and then use the PPP campaign to target high performing keywords. Apogee does it the opposite way of using PPP to find those high traffic keywords and then doing SEO to a select few high paying set of keywords.

I will have to keep that in mind 😉 .

Anyway Apogee is a rock solid PPC company in Austin so if you are in the need for a serious PPP/SEO campaign check them out.

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