Another Change in Focus for – I Really Don’t Know

This poor blog. It really does not have a home (subject). It started as my personal site back in the days before I had kids and then became a family blog. The family blog got pushed to its own domain so this became homeless again.

From there I was all hyped up about WordPress and really put the domain name blogged about it. That got old after awhile and I decided a week or so ago to start blogging here about my latest passion – Micro RC’s. So I changed the site once again to reflect that.

But today I was poking around Godaddy and came across the domain name and could not pass it up. $9.15 and a couple clicks of my mouse Micro RC Reviews (the real site) has been born. That of course leaves this site abandoned – again.

I am not sure what I am going to do with this site but I am sure that I will think of something.

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