Amazon Does it to Me Again – This Time Worse!

I had posted before about Staying Up on Your Affiliate Links and I am glad that I have made a practice of it. On Saturday morning I checked my Amazon stats (which up until now have been smokin’!) and found that I did not sell any of the Air Hogs Havoc Heli helicopters the previous day. This was strange because even on my worst days I would sell at least one.

A quick check of my page with the link to Amazon on it revealed that the vendor was no longer available. “No problem” I thought, as I logged into Amazon to search for another link  as there had been plenty of vendors selling them.

Boy was I in for a surprise.

Amazon Mussels the Competition

When searching Amazon for a new vendor nothing was coming up – except Amazon itself. Now this would not have been a big issue but Amazon was selling the Havoc Heli for $40 while several of the other vendors were selling it for $30. This is an issue because the regular retail price for the Havoc Heli is $30 in store like Walmart and Target (if you can find them).

This price increase will probably have a pretty dramatic impact on the sales that I get from my sit from this point forward as people search for a lower price.

The only up side to this is that the item that Amazon is selling is the brand name “Air Hogs Havoc Heli” while the ones that I was linking to were sub-brands.

Oh well, I enjoyed the wave while it lasted and made more money in the first half of this month then I did in all of last month. I just need to find something else to supplement it with.

Photo by sylko via Flickr.