A Week Later Using the MacBook

MacBook MemoryWell about a week has gone by and I have been using the MacBook on and off. The two issues that I had stated last week have pretty much been resolved.

The first was the right click controversy. This was resolved by a newer option in OS X that allows you to place 2 fingers at the same time and click to bring up the right click menu. Simple enough. After a few hours it was second nature to do this to open up pages in separate tabs in Firefox.

The second issue was the lack of a true “Delete” key. I just figured out today that holding down the function key while hitting the “Delete” key (backspace) gives you a true delete experience. I am starting to learn that the Function, Control, Option, and Mac buttons have a lot of functions.

A newer issue has popped up which is software. The main piece of software that I have not been able to replace is Windows Live Writer. The main thing that I like about WLW is the way that it handles images. You can do some cool resizing and frames around images that I have not seen any other Blog Editor do. So for the most part I am just using WordPress for doing my posts as their interface is pretty good.

Speaking of software I have gotten my basics up and running which are Dreamweaver and PhotoShop (the CS3 version of Photoshop 🙂 ). The only issue with these programs is that the use a lot of memory and I only have the base 512mb that cam with the system so it is pretty much dragging with both open. I was going to try and pick up a quick 512mb more but I think I may have 2 -256 sticks in hear as opposed to one 512.

The reason I think this is that there are a lot of people selling 2 sticks of 256 because they upgraded their MacBooks. I really do not know if I want to spend $80 on a company laptop that I am only supposed to be using for testing purposes. I don’t know, we will have to see.

Anyway, other then th memory issue the MacBook is doing just fine for the basics. I still wish Apple made a more middle of the line laptop as I would rather have something that had a separate video card to sped things up a little without having to shell out 2 grand.

More info to come on the testing as it becomes available.

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